Election Information

Click HERE to be taken directly to the MyVote Wisconsin website.  Here, you can register to vote, find your polling place, see what's on your ballot, request an absentee ballot, or update your name and/or address!


In 2017, at the direction of the Commission, WEC staff developed an electronic poll book application for use in Wisconsin elections. Wisconsin statute requires authorization from the commission for the use of any electronic poll book in the state. To date, the Badger Book is the only electronic poll book authorized for use in Wisconsin and is the only e-poll book application with indirect WisVote integration. Badger Books are not connected to the internet.

The Badger Book is only an electronic version of the paper poll book and as such, performs only those functions. It is used to check in voters, process Election Day Registrations (EDRs) per Wis. Stat. 6.79(2)(c), and record absentee participation.

After Election Day, a data file generated from the Badger Book is used to upload election participation and Election Day Registration information into WisVote so voters may see their participation more quickly in MyVote.

For additional information and an educational video, click here.


Click on the documents below for information on Voter Photo ID:

Absentee Voting Guide

Acceptable Photo IDs For Voting In Wisconsin

Acceptable Photo IDs (poster)

College ID For Photo ID

Passport Or Card As Photo ID

WI Driver License As Photo ID

WI Driver License Or ID Card Receipt As Photo ID

Wisconsin State ID Card As Photo ID


Act 182 requires Proof of Residence with ALL voter registration applications! Whether you are sending by mail, in person, or at the polling place on election day, you must provide proof of residence.



Want to run for public office? Read the checklist first for important "due-by" dates and instructions, then download the remaining three forms and complete. Return to the clerk by the due dates!

Declaration Of Candidacy

Nomination Paper For Nonpartisan Office

You will need a total of 20 signatures for nomination, therefore two copies of this form are required.  Nomination signatures may not be obtained prior to December 1st.

Campaign Finance Registration Statement