Building Inspector

Sheboygan County requires all applicants to first provide documentation to the County Planning & Conservation Department verifying the location of the existing septic tank and absorption area as it relates to the addition to the existing structure or proposed accessory structure so the Department can confirm that the proper setbacks between the building system components are met and that the existing septic system will not be adversely affected by the construction.  Please see additional information here: 83.25 Requirements for County

Building permits will not be issued without letter from Sheboygan County confirming your compliance with these requirements.

If you are about to start a building project, and are unsure if you need a permit, please contact Walt Grotelueschen prior to starting. 

Fees will be doubled if the work starts before obtaining a permit.

Building Inspector

Walt Grotelueschen

Phone:  262/675-0909

P.O. Box 296
Newburg, WI  53060

Fax:  262/675-0909

For General Building, Electrical, HVAC and Plumbing Permit Applications, please click HERE.  Instructions are on each permit form.